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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Month 7

Little Miss Hannah, you know how to keep a Momma and Daddy busy! And we love every minute of it! I apologize to you for skipping month 6 but I don't even think I had a moment to open the computer, much less write on it! So much has happened since I last wrote you! You still amaze us every single day! You are now sitting up on your own! This took a little while because you were so determined but would still fall either backwards or sideways but you wouldn't give up sweetie! You were going to sit up because thats what you wanted to do! And you certaintly did. Quick too. Me and your Aunt Jen Jen sat you on a blanket and when you fell over we would pick you back up and then all of a sudden you started to fall and caught yourself! Then you looked at us with a big smile like I did it!!!!! You are trying to grow up and be a big girl and do what we do, and we are so proud of you but at the same time we are like "Slow down girl!!" You are growing up too fast already. Speaking of growing, Momma is so excited about your hair! Its getting longer and longer! It's still not long enough for a bow yet without the head wrap but we are getting there for sure! And bows are another challenge! Child you will NOT let me put one in your hair! Everytime I do you just reach up and grab it right out! Your Daddy loves it!! He says "Leave her alone! She doesn't like bows!", but I just insist that you do and you just don't know it yet! You have also started drinking from a trainer sippee cup and drinking from a straw. Aunt JenJen didn't know you could drink out of a straw but you kept reaching for her cappuchino so she let you put the straw in your mouth thinking that you would just chew on it but soon as she took the straw away, you had a giant mouth full of coffee!!! We said OH NO!!!
    You are such an independent little thing, and we are always trying to hold you tight and hug on you but you will not have any of it! You want to sit up, and be grown already! You are even trying to walk before youv'e even crawled! We are working on that one, and hopefully in your 8 month letter you will hear me say you are crawling! Daddy is going soon to get all of the childproof cabinet locks because we know thats the first place you are going to go! To grab plates and tupperware from the cabinets to chew on them! I love you so much and can't wait to see what's next!!

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