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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Month 5

Dear Hannah,

    Weve made it to the 20 week mark! And you are cuter than ever! Right now Jessica has you on the floor and is blowing on your stomach and you are screaming with laughter! It is adorable! You are allllways the life of the party! Mommy doesn't exist anymore. People dont even say hello to me! They go straight for you! And that is completely ok, because you are now an extension of me and I couldn't be more pleased and in love. You have begun reaching out for things and grabbing them and just shaking them and EVERYTHING goes in your mouth! Whether its Buddy's tail, or my hair, or something off of the floor, you are tasting it! And when your not trying to eat stuff off the floor and Xmas lights, you are eating solids now.You absolutely love Sweet Potatoes and Applesauce. Those are your favorite foods. It's hard to get you to take a bottle now because you want some of that good food. Nana and MeMe got you to try some velveeta cheese from the Green bean casserole at Thanksgiving dinner and you went NUTS! You are babbling a lot now. I can see in your eyes that you are trying to tell me something but just cant find the words. Im working on Mama, hoping it will come out before DaDa, but only you know. I fall more and more in love everyday and am loving to watch you grow. Oh and growing you are!! Almost 17 pounds and only 5 months old. Your MeMe calls you chunky monkey! But Mommy thinks you are just perfect! My perfect little angel.                                                                               Love, Momma

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