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Monday, October 25, 2010

Month 4

Well my sweet baby, we have made it past month 3! What an exciting month it has been! So many milestones have happened this month. You started gripping things with your hands open instead of with your fists clenched. Every thing that you touch you immediately have to bring it to your mouth to try to chew on it. You will chew on anything you can get your hands on; your toys, your teethers, my FINGER! You chewed my finger so hard yesterday that it was hurting when I woke up this morning :)
I think you may be teething because you have been drooling alot and knawing on anything you can find! You have also started responding to me by sticking out your tongue and you just started screaming! I mean SCREAMING!! When you are excited you just scream out loud like crazy! It drives your Daddy insane! But as long as you are happy, thats all that matters. We started giving you some solid food this month too. You loved peas and sweet potatoes but weren't so crazy about bananas. Heck you pretty much will eat anything! You dont get that from your picky Momma and Daddy, that's for sure. You started staying overnight with your MeMe, and Aunt Jennifer this month. You were always a precious angel for them and then you'd get home and be fussy with me! Oh well, i'm sure I have alot of that to look forward to. I love you so much, and cant wait to see what this month holds for us! Love, Your Momma

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