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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Month 26

Dear Hannah,

It is safe to say that your Mommy has been sufficiently procrastinating as usual in updating this blog! You want to know why?? Because you are a handful, little girl! You are kind and sweet, loving and neat, boisterous and smart, but also mischievous and bossy! I have to stay one step ahead of you constantly or disaster is sure to strike! You succeeded in getting what you wanted for so long that now you know no other way. It’s Mommy now! Mommy sit! Mommy go! Mommy C’mon! If I even try to pull out the Laptop for a minute, you are next to me saying “JESUS!”, meaning that you want to watch music videos of people singing Jesus Loves Me. That is your favorite song, which explains why I have to sing it a hundred times a night to get you to sleep. You have an eager way of charming almost anyone into giving you what you want. You better enjoy it while your still cute ;p And boy are you cute! Your little smile lights up every room, and your laugh is contagious. It is impossible to have a frown on your face around you. You liven up a room real quick!

Your curiosity is abundant! I can say that for sure. If you are interested in something, or want to know about something, you are nothing if not persistent in getting exactly what you want! There is one particular thing that delights me to no end! You match your Papa and Mommy in your love of books! Books, books, books! All I hear about is books! And not just one will do! Oh no, you have to have at least 4 at once! I love it, and hope that it never changes! All of these reasons and more explain why everyone fights over you! I have to run to the nursery after Church lets out to get to you before Jennifer scoops you up right from under me!

One big step that you and I are fixing to take is getting you off of your Binky. This situation will find itself much harder on me than you, I can promise that. As long as you are sucking on your Binky, you are still my little baby. My precious little angel that I used to hold in my arms for hours on end. Now I am holding you in my lap instead which I will take because I know one day, that will also be too much for you. I cherish every single moment with you. I will never ever take you for granted, for you are the single most beautiful thing to ever be put on this planet, and what I see when I look at you is a little miracle from heaven that I get to enjoy every day of my life. I am so blessed to know you, and love you, and will hold you in my heart forever. My Daddy (Your Papa) started a tradition with me that I will continue with you. He told me he loved me, and that I was beautiful every day of my life. You deserve no less my little baby for you are the most wonderful little person I’ve ever known.



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