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Monday, October 31, 2011

Month 16

Dear Hannah,

 As you can see, Mommy has been busy! I can't believe its been 6 months since I posted on here! I'm so sorry baby. I promise to keep up with it. You were just 10 months then. Ohhhhhh so much has happened since then!!!! First and foremost, you took your first steps when you were 11 months old, and you walked all by yourself for the first time on your first birthday. You are trying so hard to talk now. You say Momma, Dadda, Hey Dad, Nana, Aunt Nett, Dan Dan, Hannah and Hey! You also put the phone to your ear and say HEY DAD! It's so cute. You are the smartest baby ever!! You pick things up so fast. You try to put the keys in the door and unlock it, you know what stuff is and will go get it if we ask you to, you will pick up your toys and put them in the toy boxes. You do so much that theres no way I could name it all right here. You love food! Nothing in particular really, just everything!!!! Also, you are stuck to me! You follow me everywhere I go, and if I leave the room and don't invite you, you have a hysterical fit! And the temper on you!!!!! Whooooo girl! You stomp your little feet and ball up those fists! I think your going through the terrible twos early! But you are so sweet! You will blow Grandpa kisses, and a couple weeks ago, Mimi and Grandpa taught you Uh Oh! Now you say it all the time!  You give us hugs around our necks and have such a big heart. If someone is crying, you will cry. You are such a precious baby girl. I'm enjoying every minute of you! I don't want you to grow up, but at the same time I cant wait to go through it all with you. By my side. As long as I live. I love you, baby.                             Love, Momma

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