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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Month 9

    When you read this, i'm sure you will be older and wiser and I hope you are liking what you see. I love you as a baby. You are just precious! I have to tell you, you have made soooo many milestones these last couple of months. First you got your first tooth, right on the bottom! You had a fever and Momma took your temperature wrong and ended up rushing you to the hospital and it ended up that you just had a low fever and I could have just given you some Tylenol! Momma overreacts sometimes! lol This past week, you went to Florida with your Mimi and Grandpa to visit your GeeGee. It was an extremely tough week without you but we got through it somehow. As soon as you got home, your Daddy rushed to the car to grab you and you screamed at him right in his face!!!! You didn't remember your Daddy at all! Broke his heart lol.
    You have now gotten a top tooth also, and another bottom one! You bit me last night and whooooo did it hurt!! You just started crawling too! You are all over the place! In the trash, biting and pulling at the poor doggies. We were so excited to have you crawling and now we are like, "What were we thinkin"! But you are growing more and more every day and you have won over everyones heart that meets you. I love you.

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